Resource Library and Computers

We have computers available for use in employment searching to update resumes, prepare cover letters, and search the Job Bank website. There is also access to a phone, photocopier, fax, and newspapers. We also have great resource books available. Check out the main office location, open during office hours.

Free Clothing Cupboard

Clothing for children and adults. Check frequently for seasonal wear – coats, sweaters, shirts, pants, hats, mitts, and boots. We also have ice skates.

If you need glasses for reading or seeing at a distance, you can also check in at our office to see how you can access assistance.

Bus Tickets

A limited number of tickets are available to persons with low income. Ride the bus to the Boardwalk and request a transfer to your destination.

Toy Lending Library

Our toy lending library welcomes children, their families and caregivers to come and borrow toys, games, puzzles and other play materials. Toys provide a means of helping young children to acquire skills ,while educating adults about the developmental aspects of play. The toy lending library provides access to an array of toys and play materials that might otherwise not be easily available.


Here at the Resource Centre: call for toy library hours

Just a few points to note to help keep this service running smoothly for everyone:

  • the loan period is 3 weeks from the date borrowed, please call to renew if needed.
  • wash toys thoroughly with a drop of bleach and warm water before returning (you may wash your toys in the kitchen @ the centre if need be,
    please be sure to dry & re-bag your toys before leaving)
  • it is always a good idea to check the contents of the toys you have borrowed before the children play with them, this way you are aware of what pieces are included.
  • please be sure to check contents before returning to be sure all pieces are included for the next borrower.
  • if there are any missing or broken pieces please let us know upon returning, help us to keep the toys safe.
  • Please note you are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or broken toys.