As part of our ongoing website renovations, we’ve added a new Google Calendar to our website, so that interested community members can get accurate information about our scheduled programs and events when they need it. However, a handy feature of the Google Calendar is that you can subscribe to our calendar to get reminders of our events sent to your phone or email! It only takes a minute to set up, and requires that you have a Gmail account or that you are using an Android phone.

Getting Started

First, either log in to your Google account (on desktop) or unlock your Android phone. Then go to our calendar page. At the bottom of the calendar is a button that says +Google Calendar.

After you click the button, you’ll get a pop-up that looks like this, which will give you the ability to choose which of our events you want to subscribe to:

After you’ve subscribed to one or both of our calendars, our events will show up in your Google Calendar. However, if you’re looking at your calendar and want to hide our events from the display, you can click the downward arrow next to Agency Programs to bring up this menu, then select Hide this calendar from the list.

Happy scheduling!

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